Epic has finally updated Fortnite to Season 8 after a long hype, and it seems they have done a great job. The game looks and feels fresh, and there are a ton of additions, changes and more.

season 8 teaser

New theme(s)

There was just one theme in Season 7, The Ice Theme. Season 8 has multiple themes – The Volcano theme, The Pirate theme, The Ice theme and it seems a lot more fun. On one hand, The Pirate theme has added Pirate Cannons, Battleships to the game, the Volcano theme adds new places on the map to discover.

Battle Pass Upgrades

Battle Pass adds 100 new levels and 100+ new rewards. There are new skins namely, Blackheart, Hybrid, Sidewinder, Peely, Ember, Master Key and Luxe, the first female tier 100 skin. There are new emotes, warps, lobby music, sprays, etc. The battle pass costs 950 Vbucks but if you had completed 13 Overtime Challenges in Season 7, you get it for free.

New Graphics

The game graphics have improved a lot since season 7. It feels a lot more immersive and saturated. The movement, weapon shots look better than in season 7. The lobby has been updated to a new background. The challenges tab has been updated to show the tiled menu. The fonts and textures have been slightly updated.

New Map changes

One thing every Fortnite fan is excited about is the storyline, which brings a lot of changes to the map along with it. Season 7 added a new area covered in ice. Season 8 adds two more places– Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon, which are right next to the Volcano. The lava from Volcano causes one damage and provides a jump boost to players. There are openings near the volcano providing a launch thrust to players. There are some more changes coming to the map soon.

New updated Map

New Additions

There is a new ping system in the game. While playing in squads, you can ping inventory items and your teammates will be informed. The ping will also show how far the item is from them. This is the most requested feature. Party assist has been added. You can use it to complete challenges with the help of your teammates. A Pirate Cannon has also been added, which deals a damage of 100 points to opponents in case of a direct hit. Items like planes and shopping carts have been vaulted. There is a new Soaring 50 limited time mode to play with your friends. Overall, our first impression of Season 8 has been pretty positive. Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

New Ping System

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