Here’s Our First Unofficial Look at Upcoming M1X Powered Mac mini, and It Looks mini

We’ve been hearing about the new Mac mini for quite some time now. However, today we got a first look at the rumoured Mac mini, which is expected to be powered by the M1X chip. If you missed it, the M1X chip is rumoured to debut next month in the much-awaited MacBook Pro. Prosser recently shared some key details about the new Mac mini and how it would look, and boy, it looks mini.

Mac mini
Courtesy: Jon Prosser X RendersByIan

The recent Apple Silicon powered devices have been getting some major revamp, but that wasn’t the case with last year’s M1 powered MacBook Air and Mac mini, as Apple just recycled old design with a new chip. While MacBook Air is due to receive a design overhaul by the end of this year, the Mac mini might not be much behind as the new renders show that the ‘mini’ Mac with some major design changes.

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The upcoming Mac mini will retain its original form factor, but it will be much thinner and smaller than older generations. In addition, the new Mac mini will be coming with aluminium sides and a “plexiglass-like” top panel. Moreover, Prosser says that he heard that Apple is testing dual-tone colour options similar to what we’ve seen in the recently launched 24-inch M1 powered iMac.

Mac mini
Courtesy: Jon Prosser X RendersByIan

The M1X powered Mac mini won’t be compromising with the connectivity, and it is expected to come with a slew of connectivity options, including the recently introduced magnetic connector. Further, it is expected to bring 4x USB 4-Thunderbolt 3 ports, 2x USB-A connections, Gigabit Ethernet, and HDMI port. However, it won’t be getting the microSD slot, atleast for now.

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The circular base of the Mac mini can be seen replaced by a pair of rubber strips. Plus, the air vent near the ports now has been moved to the base.

Mac mini
Courtesy: Jon Prosser X RendersByIan

The M1X chip is long rumoured, and now we can expect it to launch next month. The new upgraded variant of M1 is expected to bring a 12-core CPU and a 16-core GPU in contrast to M1’s 8-core CPU and the 7-core and 8-core GPU.

Mac mini
M1 Powered Mac mini

The next-generation MacBook Pro is expected to bring a major overhaul with a slew of ports, including the return of MagSafe, which we think would no different than iMac’s magnetic connector. It is supposed to be powered by the M1X chip and bring up to 64GB of RAM onboard. Prosser says that Apple plans to brief the media after the WWDC keynote, suggesting that it could be announced during the keynote as a device for “Pro’s,” the developers.

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