FIFA 22 Price and Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

    FIFA 22 Pre-Order

    The latest game in the popular EA Games Franchise, FIFA 22, is available for pre-order now!

    India’s favourite game franchise is back again this year, and you can start pre-ordering it right now. Some lucky people might get a sweet new T-Shirt out of the deal, as the retailer Games The Shop is offering one for all pre-orders right now. An EA representative told IGN that the T-Shirt would be available with all pre-orders placed locally throughout the country and online via certain outlets.

    FIFA 22 Pre-Order tshirt

    The Indian and international pricing for FIFA 22 has also been revealed thanks to the pre-orders. If you wanted to get it for the cheapest, you could buy it on the Nintendo switch for the price of Rs 2500 in India or $39.99. The Nintendo Switch version will only be available through unofficial channels, so keep that in mind.

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    The PC edition is available via EA Origin and Steam. You can buy two different versions for the PC, the Standard Edition for Rs 2,999 or $59.99, and the Ultimate Edition for Rs 4,299 or $99.99. The PC version would likely be the most sold in India, as Indians generally own more PCs than consoles. Consoles are becoming more and more popular in recent years, though.

    fifa 22 pre-order bonus

    FIFA 22 for the PS4 and the Xbox One costs the same price, Rs 3,999 or $59.99 internationally. That is the standard price for a fully priced game everywhere in the world. The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions also correspond directly with the increased prices the games for the consoles have seen, with them costing Rs 4,499 or $69.99.

    Considering you get a free T-Shirt with many of these pre-orders, FIFA 22 is looking like a sweet deal for consumers. The franchise has been criticised in the past for releasing games with not enough changes to justify a full-price release. It remains to be seen if FIFA 22 bucks that particular trend. The series is still among the most popular in India, so the game will probably still sell like hot potatoes over here and across the world.

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