Far Cry 5, the latest AAA game by Ubisoft has finally been cracked by cracking group CPY. This info was posted on the group’s subreddit, which we won’t be linking cos of obvious reasons. Far Cry 5 had multiple layers of protection, namely Denuvo, EAC, and VMProtect.

Previously Assassin’s Creed Origins also featured some hardcore protection that took 3 months to crack. Most of the game’s sales are already done by then. However, 19 days, although is nothing to scoff at, still points to the fact that it is getting harder and harder for people to pirate games.

Far Cry 5 pC crackedThis should be considered a good thing as this will encourage more and more companies to invest in the PC platform. Far Cry 5 uses the latest version of Denovo, 5.0. As per reports Far Cry 5 has been a major success for Ubisoft, selling approximately 5 million units since launch. Nevertheless, this should still be bad news for the publisher.

These days more and more developers are pushing for more complex anti-piracy measures. EA and Ubisoft have been the main publishers to adopt Denovo. It is a good thing that it didn’t ruin the performance. When we checked both Far Cry 5 and Assassin’s Creed Origins run superbly on the PC.

However, there have been reports that anti-tamper mechanisms like Denovo don’t really make a difference. Hit RPG, The Witcher 3 sold more than 20 million copies without any DRM protection. However, the copies sold on PC have not been disclosed. Furthermore, the number of copies pirated have also not been made public.

Far Cry 5 pC crackedThis is a complex matter, one that can’t be left to the goodwill of gamers. In our opinion, a DRM that doesn’t adversely affect gameplay and performance is ideal and something all developers should opt for.

Far Cry 5 might have been cracked, but it will probably have an updated DRM in future updates. So, there is a good chance that pirates won’t get future updates or fixes, and any new content that is released.

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