EVGA Precision X’s Boost Lock lets you run NVIDIA GPUs at Boost Clocks All-The-Time

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    EVGA has announced a feature Nvidia GPU owners have been waiting forever since the abomination called GPU Boost came into existence. Consistency is everything when it comes to high-end PC gaming experiences. Yes, you absolutely can notice framerate drops, even when you’re above 60 FPS, especially on high refresh-rate monitors. I game primarily on a Steam Controller and, at least with that input method, slight changes in the framerate are more noticeable than a lower overall framerate. GPU boost, since its inception, has forced people to deal with inconsistent framerates as the boost clock fluctuates however it wants to.

    Early iterations of the tech, as seen in Kepler and Maxwell, allowed you to “soft-lock” GPU boost by just raising temp and power targets until the boost block never had to drop. But starting with Pascal, Nvidia took away most of what users could meaningfully tweak. The result was that even with overclock in place, Pascal and Turing cards would vary their clock speeds significantly in-game.

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    Enter EVGA, everyone’s favorite NVIDIA-centric AIB. The latest version of EVGA Precision X features exactly what Turing and Pascal-toting gamers have wanted for years: a way to lock GPU boost frequencies. Precision X’s Boost lock allows you to lock the GPU clock to the highest boost state and keep it there. It won’t start dipping when load decreases or temps and power increase within reasonable thresholds.

    All said and done, this is something that should’ve been available at the very start. We’re very interested in seeing how Boost Lock will improve performance on the new Turing parts: Will maintaining a high boost clock push the likes of the 2060 Super up a few percent in-game? With more competition than ever at the $300 price-point that could make a huge difference.

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