European Retail Pricing of the RTX 3060Ti Has Been Leaked

    The NVIDIA RTX 3060Ti might retail at a higher price than expected.

    NVIDIA’s Ampere pricing might have been better than most people expected, but the actual pricing on launch has been disastrous. NVIDIA might not have anticipated the high demand for the new Ampere series, which resulted in the “Out of Stock” banner being displayed at multiple e-commerce stores at once. Even on the ground, the shelves stocking the graphics cards go empty as millions rush in at odd hours to take every unit they can procure for their new system. It’s only natural that a cheaper graphics card that beats the Turing generation will have a higher demand – which is what makes people worried about the availability and pricing of the RTX 3060Ti.

    As it happens, pricing from a few retailers has leaked online. Unfortunately, with the supply being low and the scalping problem still going on, the 3060Ti is in no way going to be as cheap as we expected it to be. The FE version might sell for $399, but we will likely be looking at a much higher price for cards from AIB partners. For instance, one Spanish retailer in question, 101gigas, had listed a Gigabyte RTX 3060Ti for a price of €483. Pricing will most likely vary across the spectrum, but it will be difficult to procure an RTX 3060Ti at launch at a price lesser than €500 (a crude estimation), it seems.

    The Gigabyte RTX 3060Ti has been listed for a price of €483 at a leading Spanish retailer.

    With AMD facing similar stock outages for their RX 6000 cards, it is only natural that pricing will remain high across the spectrum as any form of competition is rendered null and void by the scalping situation. Players wanting an upgrade might have to stick with their Turing or Pascal GPUs for a little longer till the situation is solved. No one knows how long this might be – as miners might wish to chip in for the graphics cards instead.

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