The notch as it was first introduced to us by the American company manufacturer was apparently not even considered by essential in the first few design run-ups. What they had decided on instead was a pop-up camera very similar to the one Vivo has introduced in the last week.EssentialWe first got to know about the possibility of this notch-less dreamworld when the CEO of Essential Andy Rubin replied to a tweet regarding the Apex concept by Vivo, bringing light to the fact that Essential essentialy(heh) owns a very similar patent. The company had considered the mechanical pop-up camera over the notch but eventually, the notch prevailed.

The final decision from Essential came as a step towards more durable mechanics instead of looks and we can understand that. A broken pop-up camera would be a nightmare for to fix or even keep safe. The notch is a very acceptable compromise, even though it detracts from the look. It’s simply a matter of practicality over looks.


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