Epic Games Store Finally Introduces Localized Pricing in Indian Rupees

    Epic Games Store Indian Pricing

    Epic Games had quite some plans for their Indian users for quite some time. A market this vast could only open up more potential market opportunities if the requests of the users are listened to. With the features of the Epic Games Store as well as access to one of the most used game engines on the planet, they have the resources to make it happen (if they want). They have started off a bright note in that direction by bringing localized pricing for video games in INR for their Indian customers.

    Epic had reverberated a while back that they will be looking to collaborate with local payment providers for implementation of local payment methods like PayTM, PayUMoney, Google Pay and others. They had also promised localized pricing for video games in INR. It seems that they are yet to deliver on the implementation of localized payment methods since they cannot be found on the Checkout screen. However, it seems that localized pricing has been implemented, and interested consumers can see all games with pricing in INR.

    It is yet unknown whether this was implemented by Epic themselves, or the help of any local partner has been taken. By comparison, Steam had implemented localized pricing in 2016 with an option to pay via cash on delivery and other localized payment methods like wallets and debit cards, something which was very popular with the Indian consumers. The pricing has not been “adjusted” to fit the Indian market yet – something which might be achievable soon enough.

    It is anyone’s guess when we can get wholesome pricing for games on the Epic Games Store, but prices in INR are (and more free AAA games) definitely the way forward.


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