EnviroGlobe: Modicare’s Solution To Harmful Radiations


    We belong to an era where we are constantly surrounded by gadgets and technology that emit radiation, prolonged exposure to which can affect health. Modicare has unveiled EnviroGlobe, a radiation purifier to the rescue. Modicare’s EnviroGlobe takes care of the radiation emitted from various electronic gadgets that we use or come across in our daily lives by altering the harmful nature of the electromagnetic radiation emitted from them thus ensuring that there is no damage to the human body.

    From smartphones to the WiFi routers, laptops and wireless speakers, our daily lives are surrounded by wireless communication technology. The radiations from nearby mobile towers and the high tension wire lines; constantly expose us to Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs). EnviroGlobe neutralizes the harmful impact of Electromagnetic Radiation and helps in reducing the stress in the human body caused due to high exposure to EMFs.

    EnviroGlobe claims to absorb harmful radiation and make its frequencies compatible with the human body. It is a palm-sized, globe-shaped steel-encased device, less than half a kilogram in weight. The device is effective within a 350 square feet radius, charged through sunlight in about 15 minutes, lasting for almost a week.

    The EnviroGlobe generates random waves at higher frequencies, which carry the constant microwaves emitted from electrical gadgets, server rooms and wi-fi routers. It makes them compatible with the body’s waveforms, which is no longer detrimental to the human body. The device is quite handy, easy to use and portable. It changes the harmful nature of radiation without altering the signal strength and quality. We are constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields creating a blanket of harmful rays, which has been linked to smog. They call it electro-smog, especially prevalent during festive seasons.

    Almost all of these devices come with compliance standards like SAR or Specific Absorption Rate ratings, which measures how much electromagnetic energy gets absorbed by the body. All phones and devices sold in India are SAR-compliant which means they are safe to use. However, the same cannot be said about mobile towers and server rooms. If someone works nearer to the server room, all those radiations take a toll on the body ranging from disturbed sleep quality, increased stress levels, constant fatigue, and headache.

    Modicare EnviroGlobe, priced at 4,500 is available through Modicare’s consultants, Modicare Distribution Points, Modicare Success Centres or Modicare Lifestyle Centres. It definitely is a small price to pay for the sake of safety, than to be sorry later.

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