Netflix’s Enola Holmes Review: Daring, Charming and Ahead of its Time

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New on Netflix is the much anticipated Enola Holmes, a movie that is going to lift your spirits while keeping you entertained all throughout. Enola is sharp, witty and gritty which is quite unusual for women of that era. While Enola is in the room, she manages to steal the thunder quite a number of times.

I have admired the character’s quirky nature along with her strong sleuth capabilities and obviously the fact that Enola Holmes spoke of feminism in an era which was quite foreign to the whole narrative. Enola Holmes challenges every bit of the narrative that supports how women were expected to be a certain way and that makes this film quite an empowering one to watch. 

Enola Holmes

If you have watched previous Sherlock franchises, do not expect anything similar to them because this has starkly different elements to offer. Enola grows up in the countryside, coached by her enigmatic mother who has self-schooled her daughter and has tutored her in almost everything you could name. Enola knows literature, martial arts, science and is also getting better at tennis.

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Enola Holmes is used to living life on her own terms, until one unfortunate day her mother decides to disappear, leaving her a series of clues disguised in pithy maxims and aphorisms.

Enola’s older brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft, had left home some time back but have to return after their mother’s disappearance. Mycroft, however, has never been very well disposed towards little Enola. Enola runs away from home after being forced into a life that she doesn’t want to live. While Mycroft wishes his sister to enrol at a finishing school, Sherlock remains tight-lipped. 

The contradictions have been narrated beautifully! 

Enola flees to London with hopes of finding her mother and only has a few gnomic clues at her disposal. She is determined to find her, even though doing so all alone is nothing less than an uphill task. She is a brave and intelligent girl but is vulnerable at the same time.

Enola Holmes
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Her confidence in certain scenes skyrocket but then in others, she experiences bouts of self-doubt. This realistic portrayal makes Enola’s character relatable and very real. Enola’s mother taught her certain principles to abide by, in moments of retrospection, Enola has broken away from those teachings gracefully and not needlessly.

Enola’s character is layered with components portraying how self-realised her character is and Millie Bobby Brown has done justice to it. Enola’s shifts in the character, from the costumes to the body language, are all extremely swift and smooth. 

Could seem like an overbearing feminist tale at times! 

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The story of Enola Holmes might feel like an unending tale where feminism is the main theme of the film, with the directors and the scriptwriters focussing on how physically strong Enola is over her inherent detective abilities. This film has definitely shown more of how Enola is a woman who is physically a lot more different than women of her age. There should have been more focus on the character ingeniously breaking away to show the detective side of Enola Holmes. 

Enola Holmes

Overall verdict! 

Stream this, it has its fair share of ups and downs but it definitely calls for a watch. Millie Bobby Brown has evolved and she is a cheeky, radiant girl. However,  Henry Cavill in Sherlock’s role didn’t sit with me very well. Additionally, the cinematography is perfect because it upholds and preserves England’s then glory! The film is empowering and sends an extremely powerful and iconic message that the “future is up to us”.

Enola Holmes is streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's 'Enola Holmes' is a powerful and impactful film about feminism and how one always has the decision to choose their own future!
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