Most of us are super conscious about the way we look. However, having a drinking problem makes one semi-conscious about it. We all know that alcohol causes dehydration, and most of us try to compensate for it after a night of heavy chugging, by drinking a large amount of water.

A common misconception about drinking is that if the intake of water is higher compared to the consumption of alcohol, the harm done is less. However, alcohol dehydrates you more than you think it does. The average time it takes for alcohol to leave the body post-hangover for a teen is roughly 3 hours whereas for a fully grown adult in their 40s the time taken is 11 times that figure, yes 33 hours! And that can also cause long term irreversible effects like wrinkling of the skin.

Despite the adverse effects, you do not have to completely cut out alcohol from your life because we all have those days when we need to let loose. A way to avoid any issues, however, is to drink liquor like vodka, gin, and tequila. These drinks leave the body faster than others and give the skin more time to heal. Thank God for skin regeneration right?!

Another way to avoid the skin related issues is to sip on your drink slowly throughout the night like the fine gentleman/lady you are. Which means you should decrease your overall level of consumption of alcohol. This method is way more effective and gives great results.

Water should still be your religion no matter how much you drink as it helps in the healing process. So think responsibly and drink responsively.

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