Let’s admit it. AMD’s Radeon Vega GPUs fell short of their target, and that too by a lofty margin. They were supposed to go up against the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, but the Vega 64 struggles to keep up with the GeForce GTX 1080.

On top of that, it is seriously power hungry and the air cooled model has some thermal problems too, leading to excessive noise. Some people have even said it sounds like a helicopter under load. Unfortunately for all you AMD fans out there, I’m afraid there is more bad news.

AMD: Vega 7nm Only For AI and Neural Networks

AMD doesn’t have any plans to bring the next gen Vega 7nm to gamers. According to AMD CEO Lisa Su, Vega 7nm is going to be marketed as an instinct/artificial intelligence product. Some other higher guns at AMD have also confirmed the same. So no more Vega for the gaming community.

AMD Radeon Vega Next GenThere are no future plans or roadmaps for Vega as far as the gaming market is concerned, and as per Fudzilla, there probably won’t be any in the future either. Vega was supposed to be AMD’s big break against NVIDIA, just like Ryzen was in the CPU segment.

However, after much fanfare and teasing it was more of a disappointment. NVIDIA is readying it’s Turing/Ampere architecture for a possible launch at Computex 2018, or late September. For the time being AMD seems to be focusing in the CPU market, since it has started to gain a foothold there with it’s new Zen architecture. Zen+ is almost ready for launch.

NAVI, NVIDIA and the Future

As for AMD Radeon products, or more specifically AMD’s GPUs, things seem bleak. AMD has retreated to the mid/entry level market for the time being, and I’m guessing it’ll be a while till they get their mojo back. Navi (7nm) is next GPU in line for AMD, but the only thing we know as of now is that it’s going to be launched sometime next year in 2019.

AMD Radeon Vega Next GenThere have been rumors that AMD will be refreshing it’s RX 500 series, due to a leak via the official AMD site. However, that too is mere speculation at the moment. Even if they do refresh the RX 500 series, it’s almost certainly going to be lagging behind NVIDIA’s next gen range, both in terms of performance, as well as TDP and thermals. Well, at least there will be something to go against NVIDIA’s offerings.

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