An Easy Way to do DNS Speed Test on Your PC Or Mac

    DNS Speed Test

    There are a plethora of DNS Servers available, but you should consider changing it to the closest or rather the fastest DNS server to ensure high-speed internet connection. Performing a DNS speed test is easy, thanks to the folks over at CleanBrowsing who have developed this simple script to do it.

    The script performs a test on the popular DNS resolvers from your location. The list includes Cloudflare, Google DNS, Quad9, OpenDNS, and more.

    Steps for Performing DNS Speed Test

    • Start by opening Command Prompt (on Windows) or Terminal (on macOS/Ubuntu).
    • Then clone the script created by CleanBrowsing developers by entering the following command in the terminal/command prompt.
    git clone --depth=1
    DNS Speed Test
    • Now change the directory to dnsperftest by entering the following command.
    cd dnsperftest
    • Finally, perform the test by entering the following command. This command will auto-sort the list based on the ping (lower on top). This action might take up to 20 seconds.
    bash ./ |sort -k 22 -n

    Go ahead and set the fastest address on your WiFi router. In this way, you’ll not have to set it manually on each of your devices.

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