EA and Dice show off Next-Gen Hair Rendering Techniques


    We all know about the capability of EA DICE’s Frostbite engine through games like the Battlefield franchise, Need for Speed games, Star Wars Battlefront series, Dragon Age: Inquisition and others. Now, EA and Dice have been able to add new hair rendering techniques to the game engine allowing for an even more realistic look to the characters. The company released a few videos showing the results of the new rendering techniques and they look amazing!

    These videos give an idea of what the next generation of Frostbite games will look like. There are dynamic changes in the smoothness parameters, hair melanin and preservation of hair volume. Basically, it makes the hair reflect light and move more realistically with a natural looking bounce as the character moves.

    With this new rendering technique, EA wants to get similar results to movies and offline rendering. Both EA and Dice will be releasing more videos showcasing the capabilities of the Frostbite Engine.

    The end results look quite promising but it shouldn’t come at the cost of FPS as it did with Nvidia Hairworks in The Witcher 3. We’ll have to wait for the publisher to reveal more information on these techniques.

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