Dragon Ball Super’s Movie Teaser Released


    Just one week ago, the world received news about a sequel to Dragon Ball Super in the form of a new movie set to come out in December of this year. Now, Toei has shocked us by dropping a teaser for the same movie, which showcases some sleek animation along with a glimpse of the new villain that Goku will have to face off against.

    dragon ball super

    The teaser, which dropped on the 20th, showed our hero in an icy terrain, warming up to battle an unidentified foe in the distance. He grins, eager to face him in combat, and proceeds to charge towards the enemy, who powers up with a green aura, and their fists collide as the logo flashes across the screen.

    Unfortunately, that’s all the teaser shows us, but the movie is in extremely early stages of production, so in all probability, there isn’t much developed for the plot or the characters. We will most likely receive more information regarding the movie in September/October of this year.

    The movie will serve as a sequel to Dragon Ball Super, which is ending on Sunday. Goku’s climactic battle with Jiren will supposedly be followed with something special, so fans are being urged to stick around, even after the credits roll. It is most likely a nod to something about this movie.

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