New NVIDIA DLSS 2.2 Version Discovered In Rainbow Six Siege, Used in Cyberpunk 2077 With Greatly Improved Image Quality

    NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 Update
    NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 Update

    NVIDIA’s DLSS technology is a gift that keeps on giving. The image upscaling process was recently added to Rainbow Six Siege along with other games, but what seems to have gone under the radar is that it was DLSS 2.2, the latest iteration of the technology which aims to greatly improve image quality.

    Naturally, the new version was discovered by Redditors, and some have already started porting it to other games and testing it out. The TLDR version is – DLSS 2.2 is real, it’s here and it’s better than ever. While it seems to not improve performance too much, the improvements to image quality are significant. One thing to note is that DLSS 2.2 supposedly only shows up when using the Vulkan API, and not under DirectX.

    For a look at image quality (as best as YouTube might allow), check out the video below using the DLSS 2.2 file in Cyberpunk 2077. You can compare it to DLSS 2.1 here. According to the test done by the Redditor, it looks like the ghosting effect on cars that was found in Cyberpunk’s PC version using DLSS is now mostly mitigated, although not completely gone. Another user, who tested DLSS 2.2 in 3 games, also noticed the lack of previously normal artefacts/ghosting issues.

    DLSS has improved a lot in the last few months, especially after the arrival of its second iteration in Control. NVIDIA has done a lot of work to ensure that the technology is easier to implement across a variety of games, thanks to it being available as a plug-in across major game engines.

    NVIDIA hasn’t officially said anything about DLSS 2.2, but seeing as how it can be implemented with just a dll file (ha!), we might be seeing some supported games get a small patch in the near future to integrate the new version soon. It should make the upscaler even more potent with early competition around the corner.

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