Designevo: Logo for Your Average Joe

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Designevo is a relatively new online logo creator and it advertises itself as a fast and easy to use platform for making logos for just about anything. Boasting 7000+ templates, professionally designed icons, and features like vector files, it looks promising enough. Perhaps the most important highlight about this is the fact that it is a completely free service, at least for the superficial use it saw from us while testing.

First impressions, the site is pretty clutter free with a minimalist style which is quite popular nowadays. This makes it pretty easy to use and there is next to no learning curve involved. Options are presented in a straightforward manner and controls are pretty basic and easy to use. The UI is smooth and doesn’t bother you at all even under pretty cluttered conditions.

The UI is pretty clean, simple, straightforward and easy to use

The actual designing of the logo involves first choosing a template, of which there are plenty of options. The choices made here are largely easy to change later on and don’t have to be a permanent fixture. Templates are broken up into layers and elements which again offer customization to cater to any preferences one might have.

There are a good amount of options for something casual and not restricted to requirements
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Talking about elements for the logo there are a good basic variety of options consisting of things like color, font, badges, shapes, decorations and the like. Icons seem to be  pretty decent compiled set of images that could be very useful for presenting an idea unto your logo.

The interface provides options basic options but any branched settings are absent

Now, while the logo creator does offer all these options and customization, they are somewhat limited in scope and variety. The icons are largely based on mono-color or bi-color pallets, options for shapes like thickness and line type aren’t subject to change, and some elements which are parts of a template and can be changed after loading said templates are impossible to replicate if you’re starting from scratch. Case in point, there is no way to get a dotted circle like the one present in the loaded template even if it’s available as an element in the template itself. There are of course more examples and you may very well find yourself stumped if you had something unique in mind that you wanted to implement.

These shortcomings make sure that the software doesn’t quite make it into the professional circuit or even compete with some of the more hands on design software like Adobe available in the market. But does that mean that it’s not useful ? Well not really because even though it falls short on freedom or artistic creativity I think it is a pretty viable option for a lot of people who are just looking for a casual and easy solution. 

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Conclusion: The Designevo logo creator is a pretty minimal platform focusing on providing pre-defined templates and basic customization, but falls short for anything more in depth. It is a great tool for someone looking for a quick and easy solution without too much emphasis on creativity and individuality.

You can visit the site and try it out for yourself here :

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