Dell Precision 7000 Workstations with Intel Xeon, triple RTX cards


    Yes, you read it right! Dell has announced its Precision 7000 series workstations running Intel Xeon Cascade Lake SP processors and up to three NVIDIA Quadro RTX video cards. Dell said that these workstations are for various uses – from content creation to neural networks to scientific simulations and more.

    Dell Precision 7000
    Precision 7000 series announced. Picture credits: anandtech


    Both the 7800 series and 7900 series have top of the line specs for unmatched performance. The 7800 systems are tower based while the 7900 series has both tower options as well as rack options.

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    The workstations will be running either one or two Xeon scalable processors, with support for up to 56 physical cores. The 7900 series will include up to three NVIDIA Quadro RTX cards, most likely the GV100 GPU. You can choose up to 3TB of DDR4 DRAM, and a whopping 16 TB PCI/NVMe SSD. Storage options will go as high as 120/96 GB enabled by ten 3.5 inch drives. Since this is Dell’s Flagship line it will support all the connectivity options.

    For thermals, Dell says that chassis of its 7900 series machines will use a ‘smart multi-channel thermal design’ for advanced cooling.

    The 7800 and 7900 series workstations will be available in May. There is no word on the pricing yet, but looking at the specs you can guess how high the pricing will be, and hey, it’s Dell.

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