Dell Offers Alienware Area 51m “Upgrade Kit” with NVIDIA RTX 2070 and 2080


    Dell’s Alienware 51m laptop is gigantic. In all honesty, it’s very nearly as large as the original Area 51 LAN box, though with far better specs. (And what are you going to do with a GT 545M today, anyways).

    But that gigantic form factor allowed Dell to squeeze actual desktop components into the Area 51m. You can spec it out with an unlocked Intel Core i7-9700K, just like your regular exorbitant desktop build. And now, Dell’s made it an even better deal for high-end gamers by offering upgrade kits to the RTX 2080 and RTX 2070. the GPUs come in Dell’s own Dell Graphics Form Factor, with a built-in cooler and technician install. They’re targeted squarely at people who bought the Area 51m with an RTX 2060 or 2070 who are looking to step things up a bit.

    But at the prices mentioned: over $1000 for the 2070 and $1600 for the RTX 2080, we really just don’t see where the value proposition is. You could literally buy an eGPU enclosure and an RTX 2080 Ti for that money. Or build a separate high-end PC for every room in your house.

    But if you’re very bad with money (and we don’t even mean if you have a lot of money because there isn’t a planet where this is good buying decision), the RTX 2070 upgrade kit will give you a 15-20 percent graphics performance boost for an extra $1000 dollars. It’d probably be more fun to buy a desktop 2070 Super and light 500 $1 bills on fire, but, well, do what you have to.

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