Dead By Daylight Mobile Overview

    Dead By Daylight

    Dead By Daylight is one of the famous multiplayer survival games. The game is available over all the gaming platforms. The game previously available over PC/Xbox was praised by gamers around the globe. Looking towards the audience outreach ‘Behavior Interactive’ decided to launch this horrifying survival game on the Android Platform.

    Undermentioned things will be given priority while discussing about the game.

    • Gameplay
    • Graphics
    • In-game sound effects
    • Requirements/Availability
    • Game Performance

    1. Gameplay

    dead by daylight

    The game provides a 5 men survival battle. There are 4 survivors and 1 killer. Players can either play as the killer or as a survivor. The main objective for the 4 survivors is to escape away from the arena whereas the main objective for the killer is to hang up all the survivors in the meat hooks present in the trial garden. However, the game seems a bit biased towards the killer because the killer has got various perks which surely makes him overpowered.

    2. Graphics

    dead by daylight
    Graphic of Dead By Daylight

    The visuals of the game seem pretty decent. The blood marks of the wounded survivors are the special factor of the game. The dim-light intensifies the game. The finishing move of the killer turns out to be a show-stealer in terms of graphics. So, all-in-all the graphics look awfully amazing.

    3. In-game Sound effects

    One of the most important ingredients of a horror genre game is the in-game music or the sound effects. This game too provides a nerve-racking feel because of the background music. The in-game sound work seems to be very detailed. The sound of fastening heartbeats of the survivors when the killer is nearby makes it even more pressurizing for the survivor.

    4. Requirements

    dead by daylight
    Dead By Daylight Mobile Requirements

    Minimum requirements for Dead Before Daylight Android version are as follows-

    • Operating System- Android 7.0 or higher
    • RAM- 2GB
    • Storage space- 2.1 GB
    • Game available on- Google play store
    • Internet Connection Needed- Yes

    5. Game Performance

    dead by daylight
    Game Performance

    Overall, the game looks amazing in terms of its features. However, the game surely has a problem when it comes to the ping issue. No matter how good your internet connection is, the game still seems a bit choppy which can surely ruin up the game.

    Therefore, if we neglect a few loopholes present in the game we can conclude that this is by far the best survival game present on the Android platform.


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