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First Episodes of DC Universe Shows Free – No Subscription Needed

DC Universe, the new streaming service for DC Entertainment's new shows, will now let you stream the first episodes of their original shows for free.


With shows like Titans, Doom Patrol and Young Justice: Outsiders, DC Universe seems to be another major player in the streaming service market. These shows have had great reception critically, and it only makes sense that they’d want to increase their market reach. Which is perhaps why DC has just announced that the first episodes of each of these shows will be freely available to anyone without a subscription.

DC Universe TITANS
DC Universe TITANS

For anyone who hasn’t yet subscribed to the one-of-a-kind digital service, now is the chance to find out why Robin isn’t Batman’s biggest fan, who are the misfit heroes living at Doom Manor and what is meta-human trafficking? All these answers and more for fans in the US, this is the chance to tune in and check out these highly acclaimed series. The three episodes will only be available from late Friday, March 15th through Friday, March 29th.

Doom Patrol | DC Universe
Doom Patrol | DC Universe

You can visit the DC Universe website to stream these episodes for free, or you can download the app. There will be no registration or payment required. However, one thing to keep in note is that the service is only available in the US, at least for now.

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