A short while ago, we covered the graphics comparisons between the current gen consoles and the older ones, comparing Dark Souls Remastered with the original one. There have been no footage leaks or teasers for the PC version of the game, however the PC settings were revealed by Bandai Namco a few hours ago.

The Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition on Steam was a buggy mess with capped frame-rates, limited (very limited) options to customize the graphics, and on top of that messed up controls that made the already hard game a complete nightmare.

Dark Souls Remastered PC graphicsThe console version of the Dark Souls Remastered has some decent upgrades, but the PC version obviously won’t get the same treatment for a variety of reasons. Firstly cos both FPS and resolution aren’t locked on the PC, and secondly it’s Bandai Namco who aren’t exactly known for their PC ports. What can and should be improved are the controls and the ability to tweak the graphics options to an appreciable degree.

Bandai Namco provided the full settings for the Remaster to PCGamesN. You get resolution, refresh rate, V-Sync and the display mode. Now these are the base settings. Apart from these, you get Ambient Occulsion, Depth of Field, motion blur and Anti-Aliasing.

Dark Souls Remastered PC display options

  • Resolution – values vary depending on monitor
  • Frequency – depends on monitor
  • Display mode – windowed, borderless, full screen
  • Vertical sync – on or off

Dark Souls Remastered PC graphics quality options

  • Anti-aliasing – off, FXAA, FXAA high, temporal anti-aliasing
  • Motion blur – on or off
  • Depth of field – on or off
  • Ambient occlusion – on or off

It’s nice to see the inclusion of temporal anti-aliasing, but the rest of the options are pretty crude. Seems like the game supports the base SSAO (Screen Space) algorithm, and that too doesn’t let you change the resolution of the AO samples. No HBAO+ either. That’s a shame, given how efficient it is. The rest of the options seem fine, but again there are no options to change the texture resolution, reflections (if any), geometry culling, shadows resolution or any of the core graphics settings you can modify in pretty much any PC game these days.

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