Five years after the PC port, Bandai Namco announced a Remastered version of the original Dark Souls for the Nintendo Switch, as well as the PS4, Xbox One and PC, on May 25th, 2018. The announcement came on the Nintendo Direct Mini, and promises to let players “experience the rich world of Dark Souls in upscaled 4K resolution with 60FPS”. The game will include the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, similar to the previous edition, and also increases the maximum number of players from 4 to 6 in a multiplayer map.

This announcement feels like a much needed port, considering the very poorly optimised Prepare To Die edition. This included some very low framerates and the game didn’t even get any updates to fix any technical issues. Dark Souls’ producer Daisuke Uchiyama even admitted to the difficulties in porting the console version. These technical issues were solved, through the use of third party mods, which allowed a smoother gameplay with framerate improvement and texture upgrades.

While the game series reached its end with the Dark Souls 3 DLC, The Ringed City, this seems like the next best thing for players yet to experience this dark and twisted universe.

Dark SoulsOn the Switch, the game will be running on 1080p resolution in TV mode and on 720p in Handheld mode, both capped at 30FPS. The game will be running on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X in a upscaled 4K resolution at 60FPS, while it will run on 1080p and 60FPS on the PS4 and Xbox One. However the PC port will be able to run the game in Native 4K resolution, with unconverted 2K textures, at 60 FPS. So prepare to die over and over at home with the best looking edition of Dark Souls yet or on the go with the Switch’ portability.

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