There is great news for fans of DanMachi: Memoria Freese. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the game’s Japanese release, DanMemo will be getting a new story, titled Grand Day, that will available from 7pm PST on the 18th of June till 11:59pm on the 9th of July.

There is also news for fans of the original DanMachi anime, as the Behemoth Conquest, one of the “3 Big Quests” of the original anime, will be available for the Grand Day Event. With new information and backstory on Behemoth in this upcoming original story, there is lots for fans to be excited for!

Even more exciting is the involvement of the original creator, Fujino Omori, who heavily influenced the direction and story creation, which will be sure to please a large number of fans. The anniversary update will have a few new improvements as well, such as changing the quest menu to a map icon and changing the battle system to allow all users to combine their efforts in order to grind down the HP of Behemoth.

Here’s what Fujino Omori had to say about the whole thing:

Grand DayCheck out some screens featuring Behemoth:

And the new characters you’ll be able to nab:



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