Custom Galaxy Fold3 5G Launches In China With a W22 5G Moniker


    The W22 5G is a custom, China-spec variant of the Galazy Z fold3 5G with minor changes.

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    W22 5g Specifications

    The W22 5G from Samsung is no different than the Fold3 5G sold in the international markets, which means it has a maximum memory capacity of 16GB RAM and 512GB storage.

    Some network bands might be incompatible considering the W22 5G is a China- specific model. Samsung has also made sure that we account its elegant and sophisticated design language.

    ‘Heart to the world’ demonstrates the spiritual realm and tlerance of helping the world. The dynamic light and shadow of the close-up are used to create a majestic and high-level texture, and the changing “Heart of the World” logo has three-dimensional and brilliant visual effects under different angles, highlighting the profound accumulation of the brand.


    It is also necessary to note that this China-spec model doesn’t come with the Google suite of apps but rather Samsung’s own set of software’s and skins.

    The W22 5G will be priced at 16,999 CNY which roughly translates to 1,98,000 INR. Although tempting, the W22 would be a very bad investment choice for anyone living outside of China.

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