CSGO Welcomes Operation Broken Feng with Open Arms

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CSGO hasn’t seen exactly the best of days in recent years. An increase in the hacker problem has led to an increased exodus of players in search of greener pastures. The lack of features like official retake servers as well as the lack of different modes for having fun had a toll on the game. Finally, we are seeing some attempts by Valve to address the situation as more and more content is being added to the game. This includes another new operation – Operation Broken Feng. The operation brings a slew of changes that players are going to like.

The new operation adds an in-game stat tracker that allows players to check their stats for the duration of the operation. It shows the win-rate on individual maps, the efficiency with particular weapons as well as a detailed heatmap for tracking bullets and positions in maps. The pass will operate like a battle pass, unlocking rewards on the go as one completes more and more missions on the operation track. The game also adds a host of new stickers, weapon skins, and agent skins for unlocking via the battle pass, or via Operation Broken Feng cases (that is if you are willing to pay upfront for the keys to unbox them). The only difference here is that players can opt to unlock whatever they truly want and not be restricted to unlocking any particular skin or sticker they don’t want.

The new CSGO operation adds a battle-pass system for rewards.

There is a matchmaking system exclusive for battle pass owners which include map bans and knife rounds in the same way as competitive matches take place. If you’re not one of the fortunate ones who can afford a battle pass on the launch, there’s still something for you! The game will introduce the concept of emoting via a chat wheel reminiscent of the way emotes work in Fortnite. If that doesn’t impress you, the game’s new Retake game mode certainly will. Retakes pit 4 CTs against 3 Ts in the battle for one bomb site, where the CTs have to defuse the bomb, and Ts have to defend it. Of course, the side which eliminates the other will win (unconditionally).

CSGO now has a new mode called Retakes.
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It is clear that CSGO is trying to win back the player base that they have lost over a couple of months, and an operation is indeed the best way to do so. There’s one small thing left to do – address the hacker issue properly.

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