Crusader Kings II is currently free on Steam. The critically acclaimed Real Time Strategy (RTS) game  by Paradox entertainment has a rating of 82 on Metacritic, and the player reviews on Steam are also, “Very Positive”.

Just in case you are feeling lazy and think that two days of free playtime ain’t worth it, get up lazy a** up cos you get to keep it forever and ever. A happily ever after. Well not really, but hey it’s a free game. Take it or get lost.

All the DLCs for Crusader Kings II have also been slashed and you grab them for half the price. In case you haven’t heard of Crusader Kings II, all you need to know is that it’s a terrific RTS. You don’t like RTS? What are you loosing? It’s free.

Crusader Kings II Free on SteamYou play as a Christian overlord, ruling over a European Kingdom in the Medieval times. You can play as the king of the Holy Roman Empire, or as a petty baron anywhere between 1066 and 1337. The more powerful your PC, the more responsibilities will he have and the more disputes you’ll have to solve. Plus, those were turbulent times with the Mongol Hordes on the prowl and the Pope doing his own thing.

The kingdom isn’t the only thing you need to take care of in Crusader Kings II. You also have to keep a track of your family and prepare a heir to the throne. If you don’t, it’ll be end of the line for your kingdom/empire after the first character falls over.

Crusader Kings II: Download Now, Happily Ever After

Although players have complained about the excessive expansion packs and DLCs, they do add a decent amount to content to the game (and again at the moment all of them are at a 50% discount), just as a reviewer on Steam says:

I’ve noticed that this game tends to get slammed a bit for the huge amount of DLC it has accumulated and how most of the content is behind a paywall and you need to spend over $200 to have any fun with it. The problem with this thinking is that the base game (vanilla if you will) is complete and works perfectly fine with what the game advertises itself as, being a simulator for a Christian ruler in Europe during the High Middle Ages. Honestly, enough content exists in vanilla to keep you busy for awhile before you start wondering about playing a a Middle Eastern Caliph or Mongol Horselord.
The only DLC I bought for this game starting out was the ruler creator, which I do agree should have been in the base game. Afterwards I was content with the game as is for over a year until buying The Old Gods expansion to give pagans in general and vikings in particular a try. Since then I’ve picked up quite a few of them now (mostly for the AGOT and After the End mods) when on sale and didn’t really feel that much of a pinch as it was peicemeal and during sales.
Long story short; you don’t really need the DLC to have fun with this game, nor do you need to buy them all at once.

So yeah, listen to alrush34, and do yourself a favor and grab Crusader Kings II while it’s free. It’s glorious.

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