Corsair Components Inc. acquires custom system builder Origin PC

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Corsair Components Inc. has now officially acquired Origin PC, thereby expanding its reach in the PC industry. The value of the takeover is undisclosed. Corsair has always been a major supplier of peripherals and they sell their products directly to consumers or system builders. Origin PC was also one of their customers, and one whose products offered a lot more customization than Corsair’s very own line of prebuilt PCs.

Corsair grew from a top-tier DRAM supplier to one of the world’s leading provider of PC peripherals. They offer plenty of products for gamers and e-sports athletes including keyboards, mice, headsets, cases, cooling parts, etc. Due to their innovative designs and quality parts, they’ve won thousands of industry awards and they’re dedicated to bringing top-notch products into enthusiasts’ hands.

Corsair components

Origin PC builds custom desktops, laptops, and workstations for hardware enthusiasts, artists, and gamers. They’re all hand-built, tested by industry veterans, and come with free lifetime support for those based in the United States.

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Since the companies are both private, very little financial information about equity purchased or the amount the founders will retain was revealed. Corsair is owned by EagleTree capital, who also own a variety of chemical, mechanical and water treatment companies. Origin PC, on the other hand, was founded by an ex-Alienware employee shortly after the company was taken over by Dell.

Corsair acquired Elgato, the PC capture card company, about a year ago. This purchase was a horizontal takeover since they obtained a new product which they hadn’t been able to sell previously. Since Corsair was a supplier to Origin PC, this takeover was vertical, a feat which is quite rare in the industry. Companies usually keep a close relationship with multiple suppliers to claim the best deal possible.

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out, whether Origin PC will still operate autonomously or may be compelled to prefer Corsair products. The after-effects of this decision and the impact it has on the industry will only be revealed with the passage of time.

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