Corsair 4800 MHz DDR4 shows up on Japanese Online Store. No, you don’t need it


    So I’m sitting here with dual-channel 2400 MHz memory (OC’d to 2666 MHz). While those “extreme” RAM modules with RGB and higher clocks show up in insane PC builds, I never really felt the need for more. I mean, I suppose I have a money tree, but it’s a sapling alright?

    If your money tree is the size of a grand sequoia (cue realization of how awkward that analogy sounds), Corsair’s got you covered with an incredibly extra package of 2x8GB RAM modules that run at…wait for it…4800 MHz.

    Do we NEED this RAM? Hell no. Is it going to make a big difference in gaming? Almost certainly not. Is it cool to say you’ve got 4800 MHz modules running in dual channel mode? Well, yes but only if you’re saying it on the /pcmasterrace subreddit. If you plan on saying it anywhere else, I’m here to inform you that PCs aren’t hot-rods. If you really feel like overcompensating, buy a license plate that says “PONY.” Don’t buy this RAM. Please. You have to ship it from Japan for god’s sake.

    But, sigh, if you are going to, let’s have a look at exactly what you’re getting for your 89,000 Yen. You get 2×8 GB DDR4 modules running at 4800 MHz (as we mentioned) and with some very loose timings. These modules have 24-24-46 timings, While you could no doubt tighten things a bit, it’s hard to see these performing meaningfully better than 3200 MHz modules with tighter timings.

    Seriously, Corsair, stahp. The DDR5 standard is just around the block. Release insanely high-frequency RAM when there’s a point in doing it. Until that point of time, I’d personally recommend buying the cheapest DDR4 you can and then overclocking it.

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