Intel’s Coffee Lake refresh launch is due October and the Core i9-9900K will be their flagship processor. As expected, leaks have started showing up a few weeks prior and the latest one comes from well known Chinese overclocker Lau Kin Lam.

Lam has just taken Intel’s upcoming Core i9-9900K up to an impressive 5GHz on all eight cores by watercooling and has showcased it in the following video.

He overclocked it with just 1.28 Volts with watercooling and recorded a Cinebench R15 score of 2,166 points. This is significantly higher than a result posted on Facebook by 18yearoldangus which was 2,008 points.

For comparison’s sake, we’ll show the benchmarks done by Tom’s Hardware. Like all leaks, take these with a grain of salt as they can sometimes turn out to be very misleading.

Based on the above results, the Core i9-9900K at 5GHz is 50.1% faster than a stock i7-8700K. When compared to its true rival, the Ryzen 7 2700X (Stock), it is 16.5% faster. 

For a more fair comparison, when we put the i9 against an overclocked 4.9 GHZ i7-8700K it is only 31.4% faster. Against an overclocked 4.2GHz Ryzen 7 2700X its just 13.6% faster which is still quite amazing.

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