RTX On or Off? Control Looks Stunning in New Ray-Tracing Screenshots

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    Control, the latest game from Alan Wake creator Remedy is all set to feature a robust ray-tracing implementation courtesy Nvidia RTX. The studio’s been known to push in-game visuals. Alan Wake featured spectacular dynamic lighting and volumetric particle effects on the Xbox 360. The newer Quantum Break redefined what was possible on Xbox One with the stunning use of global illumination in its Northlight engine.

    Control runs on an updated version of Northlight and makes extensive use of Nvidia RTX ray-tracing. With its glossy, highly-reflective industrial environments and narrow traversable paths, it seems like the ideal use case to make use of RTX reflections. Nvidia’s latest RTX video showcases just far ray-tracing pushes the boat in terms of Control’s visuals.

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    With RTX on, dynamic reflections appear almost everywhere, completely transforming the look of the game on a scene-by-scene basis. Even in places where screen-space reflections exist, RTX adds further depth and dynamism by allowing highquality actor and object reflections, including from objects and actors offscreen.

    Control also leverages RTX to enhance its global illumination implementation, much like Metro Exodus does. This allows for more accurate indirect lighting. In a game where artificial spot-lighting features so prominently, RTX-enhanced global illumination pushes Control closer than ever to real photorealism.

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