Collab by Facebook is the New App Which Will Compete with TikTok

    Collab Facebook

    Facebook has been launching apps almost every day now, the latest being the app Collab which is similar to TikTok, which has become quite the sensation. Facebook’s app Collab can potentially take on the video-sharing app TikTok. Facebook of late has been working on their app division aspect. It has launched Messenger chatrooms, audio calling app called CatchUp and now Collab which is a video-sharing app.

    CatchUp will allow users to create, watch and then mix and match with the original videos by bringing creators and fans together on the app. However, the app is only available on iOS in the beta version. 

    The Facebook team said that the collabs will be three separate videos playing in sync to each other, through swiping one can arrange by adding their own recording and arranging the composition of the video without any musical experience involved. In an official post Facebook mentioned, “With Collab, we’re leveraging technology to help people unlock creative superpowers by collaborating on original music videos from anywhere. 

    On Collab, when you create a video and then publish it, others can watch and create further videos with them. These videos can also be shared on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and so on.

    Facebook’s main aim is to bring together people in the pandemic by launching apps which help to do the same, apps like Messenger chatrooms and CatchUp are solely meant for communicating with people. In the case of Collab, it creatively brings people together, allowing them to have a fun time while doing so. 

    This is not Facebook’s only attempt at giving stiff competition to TikTok. Facebook also launched another app with similar features called Lasso. Facebook in the month of April had joined hands with Reliance Jio and through the collaboration, the company intended to take on TikTok. Reliance Jio is responsible for 388 million people getting access to the internet, and TikTok alone has 200 million users on it, with 120 million active users in a month. 

    After this collaboration, Facebook had launched the standalone app Lasso. Lasso was introduced in the US last year. Through the launch of Collab, along with the partnership of Reliance Jio, this app can gain anchorage through the massive reach that Reliance Jio has in India. 

    TikTok has recorded a total of 323 million downloads in India in the year 2019, which goes to show how vastly popular this app is. It is a matter of time until we see if Collab matches up to the popularity of TikTok as Facebook already has the reach and the audience. 

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