Code Vein, the hotly anticipated action RPG from the devs behind the God Eater series, Bandai Namco Entertainment have released the details behind the new multiplayer component in their game. This update comes after the devs announced their focus towards the multiplayer segment almost 4 months ago.

Screenshot from Code Vein
Code Vein, from Bandai Namco Entertainment
Another Dark Souls?

The synopsis for the game goes “The QUEEN Project was a series of experiments with a goal to suppress the thirst of homogenous blood for Revenants in order to make them into the best possible soldiers. As a result, one girl who was a test subject made a run for it after taking too much pain from the experiments. She’s known as QUEEN.

Set to be released on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Code Vein has been touted as an anime-esque Dark Souls, with a mash up of fantasy elements, which include vampire themes, a “post-apocalyptic dystopian” world and powers fueled by blood consumption. To add to all this, the game now will feature a multiplayer component focusing on assisitve co-op play.

Player Customization Options in Code Vein
Player Customization Options
The Mechanics of Code Vein

The game possesses a focus system which is used to temporarily boost character abilities during battles, mimicking a fight-or-flight response. It is extremely useful when surrounded by multiple foes by negating attacks while causing damage to enemies. The partner system in the game provides an AI buddy which supports the player in battles and enhances skill and health points.

At the Tokyo Game Show 2017, we were treated to some gameplay footage which revealed a lot of the game mechanics, along with producer Keita Iizuka and director Hiroshi Yoshimura. The look of the game was very impressive, with the cape transforming into a scorpion’s tail a highlight. Yoshimura revealed that it is called a Blood Veil, used to drain the blood from enemies, and that there were four types. During a Q&A session, they first confirmed the possibility of multiplayer support, but weren’t able to divulge any details. Now though, new details emerged, introducing a few new characters and skills as well the multiplayer options.

New Details

In the multiplayer world, players will be able to send distress signals and can be helped by other players who match the requirement. This, however, will not interfere with the AI buddy system, allowing players to continue playing with the AI buddy alongside the rescue player.

Screenshot from Code Vein
Use of the Blood Veil

The Bloodforge (or Blood Smelting) ability that has been mentioned will allow players to use buffs, debuffs, direct attacks and more while using the Blood Veil. The benefits of the buddy’s Bloodforge can also be used by a rescue player. Meanwhile, multiplayer communication systems are ’emotions’ based, with a combination of “Voice”, “Gesture” and “Stamp”.

The game doesn’t have a set release date, but is expected sometime later this year, due to massive post production efforts.


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