Reports say a cheaper MacBook Air might be launched by Q2 this year. This comes from KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo who has almost always successfully predicted Apple pricing and launch times.

Apple MacBook Air

MacBook Air has been a go-to Mac if you want a really basic Mac and not a lot of power. There hasn’t been a major upgrade since 2015, although the internals were refreshed in 2017. This new version may be the first biggest upgrade to this line of devices in a long time.

The MacBook Air, which is still a popular laptop among students according to 9to5Mac is priced at $999 for the base model. A $100 or a $200 drop would change the market scenario completely. It would force Windows laptop makers to come up with better, cheaper and more premium notebooks to rival the Air.

We’re already into March so we probably will not have to wait a great deal to see the new Air. Considering that the MacBook Air is popular among students, it would only boost sales if Apple releases the new, cheaper upgrade in the “Back to School” period.

Apple MacBook AirKuo doesn’t tell us how much cheaper the new device is going to be, but it is pretty obvious that a cheaper Mac would increase the sales, given the reputation of Apple and the Air’s popularity. It would be great to see a refresh of the already popular device and especially a redesign. This would no doubt start a new bidding war among the MacBook Air’s Windows counterparts and that would be interesting to see.

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