CES 2021: LG Showcases Rollable Phone – Expected to Launch This Year


    Over the last few years, foldable smartphones have become more than eye candy, and several OEMs have stepped into the foldable category. But we never saw a true foldable from LG’s end, but it seems like LG is just getting ready to step into the game, with its upcoming Rollable Phone.

    During, its CES 2021 keynote LG shared a glimpse of what we know as LG Rollable Phone. The Rollable Phone made a brief cameo in the keynote, once at the beginning of the keynote where it rolls out, and then the display rolling back in at the end of the keynote. So, when retracted it’s much like your standard smartphone, but it gets as big as a tablet when rolled out.

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    LG didn’t tell us much about the Rollable Phone but the company explained it as a “unique resizable screen” with an ability to transform.

    The LG Rollable is much of a concept smartphone, and it’s part of LG’s “Explorer Project”, just like last year’s LG Wing, which had a swivel mechanism. For now LG Rollable seems to be in an early stage, and according to a report from Nikkei the smartphone could debut this year, and if we go by some previous reports, then it can launch as early as March 2021.

    CES 2021

    The LG Rollable is expected to be a flagship smartphone powered by Snapdragon 888 SoC, sporting a rollable display that can be stretched out to 7.4 inches from 6.8 inches.

    LG Rollable

    With LG Rollable becoming reality, chances are that other smartphone manufacturers will get on the same wagon. Well, TCL and Oppo have already showcased their prototypes and we expect other OEMs to join the race soon.

    This is not the first time that LG is bringing rollable display technology to the consumer electronics segment. Last year, LG introduced the world to one of a kind rollable television at an unbelievable price of $87,000. So, it might not be tough for LG to scale this technology for a smartphone, but it won’t be a cheap one for sure.

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