Caviar Launches Pure Gold Version of Apple’s AirPods Max Priced at $108,000!

    AirPods Max Black

    The AirPods Max from Apple has been under heavy scrutiny from the folks of the tech world for its high price, even though it primarily competes against a lower segment of consumer over-the-ear headphones. Caviar on the other hand known for its extravagant luxury devices has unwrapped the greatest overkill of the year 2020 — a pure gold version of the AirPods Max at $108,000!

    Rs. 80 Lakhs for a pair of headphones!

    If you thought Apple’s AirPods Max was the pinnacle of flexing, you were then quite frankly, wrong. Blame Caviar for proving you to be wide of the mark. Caviar has introduced its custom made version of the already expensive AirPods Max and made it, well even more expensive.

    Caviar’s take on the AirPods Max claims to be the most luxurious and opulent pair of headphones you can get. The pair of headphones are supposedly made out of pure gold and crocodile skin. Caviar claims the old to be 750 gold-stamped which essentially means that it is one of the purest forms of gold with a composition break down consisting of 75% Gold and 25% of other metals. It will be available in White & Black.

    The rest of the AirPods Max remains mostly the same expect some secondary materials giving way for some more “desirable” materials like different leathers from different natural sources. There doesn’t to be any technological upgrades to make the audio quality better. However, the gold that has been put onto the cups might require some tuning because sound reacts differently through and around different materials.

    Caviar Apple AirPods Max
    Caviar branding inscribed onto one of the earcups

    The gold on the hinges and joints might bring about some changes in how AirPods Max ends up feeling in hand. The weight also shall remain an interesting point to look over as the AirPods Max are already quite heavy owning to its metal build. All these fine-tuning to adapt the AirPods Max to provide similar usability if not an improved version over the standard Apple AirPods Max will require some serious engineering prowess.

    While the brand Caviar has been rolling out rare special edition phones made out of precious materials of popular models from the likes of Samsung and Apple, the brand itself has faced a lot of slack for not being as transparent as one would expect thus intimidating a question of its legitimacy. Tech reviewer MKBHD recently highlighted his doubts on Caviar and its products in the video above.

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