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The Birth Of A Planet Captured By The Very Large Telescope

The coalescence of a planet may have been observed through the Very Large Telescope in the European Space Observatory in Chile.

Artificial Eyeball That Can Mimic The Human Eye

A new paper has revealed that an artificial eye capable of performing on-par with the biological eye has been made.

Where Physics Breaks Down, Is This The End Of The Standard Model?

A recent experiment result has revealed the existence of a neutrino-like particle that can pass through matter in a high-energy state.

A Region In The Brain That Shuts Down Pain

A new study has revealed a new area in the Brain which is responsible for shutting down the pain response of the Brain.

Astronomers Find The Closest Black Hole To Earth Till-date

Astronomers discover a black hole, HR 6819, the closest one to Earth to date.1000 light-years away, this black hole is visible to the naked eye.

Mars Might Hold Salty Water

A recent study has revealed that the Martian surface could possibly hold brine water in its liquid form despite the low temperatures.

T-cells As A Potential Cure For Coronavirus

A recent study has claimed to have found Coronavirus specific T-cells in patients who have and haven't contracted the disease.

First Prototype of Quantum Radar

A recent invention by researchers was revealed to be a quantum radar which can detect objects even in a noisy environment.

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