Dirty Laundry in Space? NASA is Sending Tide Detergent to Space

What about laundry in space? Tide detergent is partnering with NASA to find a laundry solution to help keep astronauts’ clothes fresh in space. Find out how.

Deep-Sea Robots Launched by Titanic Discoverer Bob will Help Find Millions of Shipwrecks

Titanic discoverer Bob Ballard, a marine archaeologist, is creating a new class of deep-sea robots that will transform the search for lost shipwrecks.

Drug Made from Deadly Spider Venom Could Repair Hearts

Ever imagined that deadly spider venom could repair hearts? A new drug composed of the venom of the K’gari spider could save the lives of heart attack patients.

Hawking’s Black Hole Theorem Approved After 50 Years by MIT Scientists

50 years after the late scientist proposed it, Hawking’s black hole theorem based on gravitational waves has been proven observationally by scientists.

4 Mysterious Free-floating Planets Discovered by Scientists that Look a Lot Like Earth

Scientists have discovered an entire group of rogue free-floating planets in deep space that look a lot similar to planet Earth. Here's all you need to know.

Why there’s so Little Antimatter in the Universe: MIT Physicists Find New Clues

MIT scientists have finally detected new clues as to what might have happened to the antimatter in the universe and why there is so little of it.

Sun Erupts with the Biggest Solar Flare in 4 Years, Causing Brief Radio Blackout

The biggest solar flare erupted on the sun and smacked into the Earth’s atmosphere with an energy equivalent to millions of hydrogen bombs. Find out more!

Dreams: A Brief Analysis of this Captivating Phenomenon

Dreams are basic to all. But only a few are familiar with the complexity of it. Read along to find out more on dreaming and how it affects our lives.