Michael Seibel Becomes Reddit’s First Black Board Member

Michael Seibel, the tech entrepreneur, has been appointed by Reddit as a board member which makes him the first black member to work at the company

Snapchat Releases Third-Party Apps Within the App Called Minis

Snapchat has rolled out bite-sized third-party apps which are functional within the app itself. This is Snapchat's attempt to invite third-party developers.

Apple Has Come Up with a $100 Million Campaign to Fight Racial Injustice

Tim Cook has announced that Apple will be giving $100 million towards the cause of racial injustice and wants to bring about changes.

Twitter Rolls Out its Story-Like Feature in India, Calls it Fleet

Twitter has begun testing its story-like feature called 'Fleet' in India and it is an exciting update for those uncomfortable with tweeting!

Here’s Why ‘Gone with the Wind’ was Removed by HBO Max

HBO Max removed 'Gone With The Wind' from the streaming platform temporarily as it glorifies slavery and wrongly depicts the black community.

‘Do Black Lives Matter?’ Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa respond!

Tech companies extend support by updating their respective voice assistants with the answer when asked "Do Black Lives Matter?"

Google Duo Can Now Send Out Invite Links Much Like Zoom

Google Duo can now send invite links to other participants for group video calls. This update makes the app's feature similar to Zoom.

Instagram Now Requires Permission Before Embedding Photos

Instagram has modified its policies. Now one needs to seek permission before they embed photos to avoid legal hassle!