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Netflix is Developing a New Resident Evil TV Series

Right at the heels of the Resident Evil 2 remaster, it's being reported that Netflix is developing a show based on the classic horror games.

Here’s How 2019’s Oscar Nominations Are Hiding A Big Truth

This year's Oscar nominations are a far cry from what would have been expected of them a few years prior. So what happened? Why the change?

Black Panther Makes History- Earns Best Picture Nomination At Oscars 2019

Marvel Studios' Black Panther has made history by being the first superhero film to earn a Best Picture nomination for 2019's Oscars.

Glass Movie Review- M. Night Shyamalan’s Spin on the Superhero Genre

Glass, the final movie in the trilogy which started with Unbreakable is finally out. Does M. Night Shyamalan's latest hit home or shatter away?

Disney+ Might Launch Sooner Than Expected- First Look Coming in April

Disney's new streaming service, Disney+ might be revealed sooner than expected. New rumours point to first look coming in April.

Does Glass Mark the Fall of M. Night Shyamalan Again?

M. Night Shyamalan's latest instalment in the Unbreakable franchise Glass has bombed with critics. Does this signal another career decline?

Netflix Has Increased Subscription Prices; This is Why

Netflix is hiking fees for all streaming-video plans for customers in the U.S, to show the world that it is still the top streaming service.

Here’s What The Rumored Social Network Sequel Might Be About

With some rumours floating around of a sequel to David Fincher's movie about Facebook, The Social Network, here's what it could be about.

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