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Dragon Ball Super: Broly – Dragon Ball’s Best Movie Yet

The Dragon Ball franchise has been on the rise ever since the release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods way...

Matt Reeves’ The Batman Movie Release Date, Cast & More Details Revealed

New details have emerged about Matt Reeve's upcoming The Batman movie. Reeves revealed the film will be a noir movie, among other new info.

Terrifying Chucky: Child’s Play TV Series in The Works by SyFy

Syfy is developing a new TV show based on the popular horror franchise, Chucky. The Child's Play TV series will be based on the movies.

DC Universe Comic Book Collection is Going To Double

DC Universe has announced it's expanding their curated comic collection, doubling the current number of titles available to members.

After LEGOs, a Funko Movie is Being Developed By Warner Bros.

After the immense success of the LEGO movie franchise, Warner Bros. is reportedly developing a new franchise based on Funko Pops.

First Look at Tom and Jerry Live-Action/Animated Hybrid Movie Leaked

Warner Bros. is producing a live-action/animated hybrid Tom and Jerry movie! And we now have the first look at the leaked concept art for it.

DC’s Birds of Prey Provides First (Weird) Look At Harley Quinn & Others

The first look at DC's upcoming Suicide Squad spinoff, Birds of Prey has been revealed, featuring Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and others.

Revolutionary Movie Screener Service Launched To Kill Online Content Piracy

CinemaCloudWorks has announced a new movie screening service which aims to effectively kill off online content piracy.

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AMD Thinks NVIDIA DLSS is not Good Enough; Calls TAA & SMAA Better Alternatives

Recently, two big titles received NVIDIA DLSS support, namely Metro Exodus and Battlefield V. Both these games come with NVIDIA's DXR (DirectX...

Metro Exodus: NVIDIA RTX Raytracing and DLSS Performance

Yesterday, we published the performance review of the PC version of Metro Exodus and although the benchmarking tool made it quite easy...

[UPDATED] NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Could Have a 3GB Variant According to ASUS’ EEC filing

Update: We can confirm that there'll be no 3GB variants. Just the one 6GB version with 12Gbps...

Valentine’s Day Special: ZeLink In Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild

Nintendo games have never been very big on romantic pairings between its characters. Sure, you have the occasional kiss on the cheek...

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