Carl Pie Leaves OnePlus — What Lies Ahead for the Company


    With just a day left for OnePlus 8T launch, Carl Pie (OnePlus co-founder) has ‘reportedly’ left the company. In the early hours of Tuesday Morning, Reddit user u/JonSigur posted what appears to be internal documents circulated amongst OnePlus employees, highlighting the change in leadership. The report has since been confirmed by Android Central. The post also highlights that Carl has been replaced by Emily Dal as Nord’s Product Line.

    Carl Pie — The Man Who Made OnePlus What it is

    Carl and Pete Lau co-founded OnePlus way back in December 2013. A year later, the company announced its OnePlus One ‘Flagship Killer’ smartphone that took the tech community by a storm. Since then, Carl and Pete have been pretty active (involved) with the tech community and OnePlus fans around the world, and the reason behind the company’s success.

    Carl Pie Interview
    Carl Pie’s Interview with MKBHD where he first showed off OnePlus Nord

    Carl Pie also featured in OnePlus’ Nord documentary and was the head in-charge of the Nord product line. According to many reports, Carl had run into ‘riff’ with the co-founder Pete Lau, and OnePlus Nord launch was the ‘tipping point’ between the two. Pete Law is currently contributing to product development at Oppo, Realme and OnePlus. It’s unclear at this point if Carl has left OnePlus by his choice or not, but the user u/JonSigur says that he has been ‘sacked.’

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    It is said that Carl is now looking to start a new venture, and is looking to raise capital for the same. It’s unclear at this point what his next venture could be. At the time of writing this story, OnePlus is yet to confirm this news.

    What’s Next for OnePlus

    OnePlus 8T teaser image
    OnePlus 8T Teaser Image

    OnePlus is only a day away from the launch of its next smartphone — the OnePlus 8T. With both the founder running into a scuffle, is it the end of the limelight for OnePlus? Only time’s to tell.

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