Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 Updates Detailed – Highrise Map, New Battle Pass, Zombie Mode, and More

    call of duty mobile
    call of duty mobile

    The battle of being the best online combat mobile games between PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile is getting interesting now. A few months ago, when PUBG Mobile came up with new season updates, and consequently it became mandatory that COD Mobile too comes up with some new maps or characters. And within the span of 2 months, Call Of Duty Mobile has managed to arrive with 2 new season updates.

    Season 7 is going to end within a few days, so the COD Mobile team via Twitter has been teasing us with various upcoming updates, and honestly, the update is somehow binding COD fans to the game.

    1. Welcome Highrise Map

    Highrise Map

    If you have played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, then you are familiar with the name Highrise. One of the most popular maps in the PC version is set to arrive at the Android platform as well. The map comes up with a helipad made between two skyscrapers where players can grind the skills. So, it will be interesting to see, how the players react to the new map which will be available after the season 8 update. Also, the battle royale map is about to undergo some changes after this update.

    2. New Battle Pass Design

    battle pass
    Battle Pass confirmation

    The design of Battle Pass has always been one of the negative aspects of the game. In the past, many gamers have trolled the COD Mobile team for coming up with the childish type of colorful Battle Passes. So, this time the Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Pass will be more grounded and military-focused. This was confirmed from the Call of Duty’s Twitter handle.

    Thus, it seems that COD Mobile is somehow open for criticism from the users and they are trying to fix the issues the users are pointing towards. And, this move might turn out to be a beneficial move for the game.

    3. A Mysterious New Character

    Characters in CODM

    Activision has also given hints about the arrival of a new character. The new character will have certain perks that will be revealed after the new season comes out.

    4. Zombie Mode Might Return

    Zombie Mode

    There are chances that Zombie mode might return to COD Mobile. The mode managed to create a lot of audience engagement but after the mode was removed from COD Mobile, users seemed quite unhappy with this decision. However, this season Activision is intending to fix up the things which the audience has pointed out, so there’s a lot of buzz regarding the comeback of Zombie mode in COD Mobile.

    cod mobile
    Call Of Duty Mobile

    So, these were the changes that COD fans will experience after Season 8 comes out. Although, there’s no official announcement of the date of arrival of the new season as many gamers are keeping COD Mobile in the list of Chinese games just because of the involvement of Timi Studios and Tencent. And, as we discussed in our article regarding the Indo-China conflict, the game certainly has a link with China but the game is published by Activision and Garena, so there’s no reason to Boycott Call of Duty Mobile. Hence, when the matter ends up, we will see an official announcement from COD Mobile.

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