Best Budget Phone Under 15,000 INR – Summer 2020 Edition!


    I know, I know. We’re in a lockdown amidst the pandemic. How are you supposed to buy a smartphone, much less take a buying guide like this one for budget phone(s) seriously? Well, it looks like offline retailers will start setting up shop over the next few days (at least in India) thanks to the relaxations that have been put in place. We can only hope that e-commerce sites follow suit and start shipping non-essential goods. In the meantime, we’re here to help you narrow down your search for the perfect smartphone under 15000 INR, so that when shops do open up – you can seize the best deals!

    Realme 6

    Realme 6 Budget Phone
    The true value champ! Realme 6

    As we move down the pricing gradient, value blossoms in the form of a Mediatek SoC rather than a Qualcomm chip and that’s exactly what the Realme 6 packs – a Mediatek Helio G90T. With a copiously powerful GPU that can handle games with ease and a high refresh rate display (90 Hz) coupled with 30W VOOC charging, the Realme 6 is a complete no-brainer in the budget phone category under 15000 INR. Perhaps the only thing we sorely miss is an AMOLED panel, but hey, you can’t win all your battles now can you?

    Major Selling Points –

    • High refresh rate IPS display (90 Hz)
    • Great gaming performance thanks to Helio G90T SoC
    • Decent 64MP primary camera sensor that takes great shots given adequate lighting

    As we move down the pricing gradient, value blossoms in the form of a Mediatek SoC rather than a Qualcomm chip.

    Redmi Note 8 Pro

    Budget Phone Redmi Note 8 Pro
    I absolutely love the Redmi Note 8 Pro’s visual appeal!

    Don’t come at me for this! I still think that the Redmi Note 8 Pro represents unflinching value despite the launch of its successor. The 8 Pro undercuts the 9 Pro in terms of pricing (to stay in the sub 15000 INR budget phone bracket) and performs equally well if not better in certain scenarios. The GPU that’s coupled with the Helio G90T SoC is a true gem and pushes the boundaries on the gaming performance that a smartphone at this price point can hope to achieve. Moreover, the battery capacity (4500 mAH) is one of the largest in the segment and the design of this particular smartphone truly stands out when it’s lined up against its competitors.

    Major Selling Points –

    • Unique design (especially the jade green theme)
    • Great for casual gamers!
    • Best camera performance in this price bracket
    • Great battery life

    Redmi Note 8

    Budget Phone Redmi Note 8
    The beginner friendly Redmi Note 8 Pro!

    The only reason why this phone makes the list is because it covers the absolute lower end of the pricing spectrum we’re presenting today. If you somehow can’t afford the other two options on the list, this is the budget phone for you. Granted, the processor and specs seem a little dated, but the overall user experience is quite inviting and it nails the basics. If you’re gifting a senior citizen their first smartphone, they’ll be right at home with the Redmi Note 8.

    Major Selling Points –

    • Low price
    • Loud speakers and strong battery back-up
    • Very solid build and industrial design
    • Nails the basics!

    Which one would we pick?

    I’d personally oscillate towards the Realme 6 in this scenario. As much as I’d prefer the timely MIUI updates and the slightly better camera output on the Redmi Note 8 Pro, I’d be willing to make that minuscule sacrifice if it gets me a 90 Hz display. The display on the Realme 6 is an absolute golden nugget in this budget phone category and gives it the edge over its other competitors. Xiaomi had better catch up, and quick!


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