Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 INR – Summer 2020 Edition!

    Realme Buds Wireless Bluetooth earphones

    After a successful series of smartphone buying guides that we put out on your request, we’ve been receiving requests to start the same for the best earphones and full-sized headphones spanning across wired or wireless categories. With a plethora of brands and bootleg knock-offs dominating the market, finding the perfect Bluetooth earphones that match your style of use often becomes quite a daunting task. Well, we’re here to narrow it down to a couple of choices you should consider seriously.

    Realme Buds Wireless

    Realme Buds Wireless Bluetooth earphones
    The quirky yellow color option on the Realme Buds Wireless.

    These are perhaps the best sounding Bluetooth earphones in this category. With output that has apparently been tuned by Alan Walker himself, the Realme Buds Wireless are a steal for a hair shy of 1700 INR. They have solid build quality, great separation, ample bass, and cleanly managed highs. The mids do need a little work, but I’m nitpicking here! These Bluetooth earphones can handle a diverse range of tracks without a hassle and have an amazing in-line mic to boot!

    PS: It’s a running joke with my buds Jyo and Yokesh that the quirky yellow color option looks like a Mangalsutra of sorts when nestled around your neck. (Maybe just get the green ones?)

    Realme Buds Wireless bluetooth earphones
    We’re sorry you had to see this today ????

    Major Selling Points –

    • Great Bluetooth range
    • Warm and punchy sound signature
    • Tight Bass
    • Peppy color options
    • Magnetic clasp on ear-phone housing
    • Great build quality!

    OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

    OnePlus Bullets Z bluetooth earphones
    OnePlus Bullets Z look minimal and are feature packed!

    Technically, they’re not on sale quite just yet. So, how am I recommending these then? Well for starters these are built and specced identically to the OnePlus Bullets V1. (which I’ve been using for over a year now) The one advantage is that they use the more ergonomic design of the V2s with the guts of the first generation! This makes for a very comfortable in-ear feel, punchy sound, great soundstage, and the best separation you can get at this price-point. Add to that the nifty clasp to pause and unclasp to play feature that works on OnePlus smartphones, and you have quite a feature-rich product. Also, did I mention 10 minutes of charge can get you 10 hours of battery life? *gasp* Truly unheard of in Bluetooth earphones belonging to this price range.

    Major Selling Points –

    • Fast charging via USB-C (10 minutes of charge for 10 hours of playback)
    • Seamless connectivity
    • Premium build quality
    • Amazing sound quality for the price!
    • Neutral color options

    As much as I’d like to include other options like the JBL Infinity Glide and an offering from Tagg, I found them to be severely lacking in at least one characteristic or another. I put earphones through a very rigorous use cycle and test them extensively (if you’ve seen my other reviews). Besides, there’s no point confusing you with clearly inferior options!

    Which one would we pick?

    I’d personally gravitate towards the OnePlus Bullets Z. Despite being slightly more expensive than the Realme option, the features that they pack (especially the fast charging via USB-C) as well the premium build quality give it the definite edge. Maybe if the Realme Buds Wireless didn’t use a Micro-USB port it’d have a better chance competing against OnePlus’s option (the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 INR)


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