Arc System Works has showcased the main visual for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle plus a fair bit of new information regarding its game modes.

The main visual, illustrated by Higuchi Konomi, includes two characters from each of the four series represented by the game, BlazBlue, Under Night In-Birth, Persona 4 Arena and RWBY.

Main Visual for BlazBlue: Cross Tag BattleBelow are the new details for BalzBlue: Cross Tag Battle’s game modes:

Episode Mode

In Episode Mode, players can enjoy an original story where battles unfold on the “Phantom Field,” a singular point where the worlds of the four works represented in the game come together.

Scrennshot from BlazBlue: Cross Tag BattleScrennshot from BlazBlue: Cross Tag BattleTactics Mode

Enjoy the unique systems of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle while acquiring new knowledge.

Scrennshot from BlazBlue: Cross Tag BattleSurvival Mode

Defeat the challengers that appear one after the next.

Scrennshot from BlazBlue: Cross Tag BattleTraining Mode

Practice the game controls in various situations.

Scrennshot from BlazBlue: Cross Tag BattleGallery Mode

View all sorts of graphics, including illustrations and movies.

Scrennshot from BlazBlue: Cross Tag BattleReplay Theater

Check out replays of your recorded battles.

Scrennshot from BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is set for release on the 31st of May for Japan and Asia and on the 5th of June for North America.

Check out more at its official website.

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