Bing Serves Malware When You Search for Chrome


    The community isn’t all that unfamiliar with the shortcomings of Bing as a search engine. We have borne witness to numerous incidents showcasing these shortcomings in the past. One such thing happened to Gabriel Landau recently and he went onto twitter and tweeted regarding the problem

    According to Landau, a search attempt to download Google chrome using edge resulted in getting directed towards a malicious search result. The result seems to have been pushing malware under the guise of chrome.

    Bing Serves Malware

    The problem is pretty easy to replicate with the deceptive site showing up as an Ad under “” instead “”. It subsequently leads you to a mimicry of the chrome download site and prompts you to download software which we’re pretty sure is some sort of malicious program.

    Testing the same issue on Chrome resulted in the site getting flagged as deceptive. Edge paired with Bing on the other hand had no clue regarding it. This just goes on to show that Microsoft has pretty much dropped the ball when it comes to Edge.

    Bing Serves Malware

    The worst part about it is that the issue might not even be a new one. We have seen the same thing happen previously. Almost six  months previously, an ad with almost the same delivery method was flagged and reported to Microsoft and even taken down. That didn’t seem to have made Bing reconsider anything in their ad policy however, since we’re already facing a similar issue again.

    Bing has always been regarded as a pretty uninspiring engine in the past. Even with Microsoft pushing for it’s spread with the Windows 10 rolling release decision it hasn’t seen much of a consumer base. I think Microsoft really needs to start regarding their practices about how they keep handling Bing.

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