Memes are one of the most widespread and popular internet culture effects on the modern day internet community. As such they have come to include everything from politics to the most bizarre pop culture references you can find.

This includes video games too which is unsurprising as the gaming community is very widespread and I don’t say this lightly, also very often memetastic. Here we’ll look at some of the best memes the community has managed to churn out over the years and maybe ponder on the sheer joy these things have brought to the internet, cause oh boy, MEMES !

1. Smoke Mid Everyday memes (Counter-strike)

Counter-strike has been and will remain one of those games that just about everyone would have played at least once in some capacity. As such it is no surprise that it has spammed a plethora of memes, varying in spectrum from downright normie to quite awesomely satisfying.

It was quite hard choosing a single one among all the ones available but I feel “smoke mid everyday” just resonated with everyone. A derivative of the popular sound “smoke weed everyday”, the meme really tickles the funny bone and moreover is quite relatable to anyone who’s played even a few games on the classic dust-II map.

2. Pokemon Fight Memes (Pokemon: Gameboy)

Pokemon is just one of those games which have had and always will have a rock solid dedicated fanbase. Even now years after the Gameboy games came out, the community still churns out fan-made content like clockwork.

The Pokemon fight meme is one such example and oh what an example it is. From Trump to Loony Toon characters, everyone has made an appearance in this meme and the hilarity is always gut wrenching. No doubt this meme is and will remain gold for a long time to come.

3. Maxed Out Skill Tree Memes (Skyrim)

The Elder Scrolls series have always brought new content in there games pairing it with massive open worlds and intricate lore it makes for a game that caters to a very large crowd

The skill tree memes based of of the skills we see in Skyrim are everywhere, and while they’re not strictly just video game related, it gives you a little sense of accomplishment when you get the context and reference the meme is making

The memes are humorous enough to have you howling in laughter and passing your device around to share it too. Needless to say they more often than not make it to the popular page on Reddit without fail.

4. Soap Memes (Call of Duty)

Soap has a special place in the heart of everyone who’s ever played Call of Duty. The storyline and narration is so good, it makes you really relate to the character and understand it.

As such, the fans have in turn shown their love for the character by creating quite the collection of memes regarding soap and as a fan myself, I have to say they hit the bullseye with it. Not only are they funny, they also trigger this feel good sense of nostalgia in veteran gamers which is quite appreciable

5. Leeroy Jenkins Memes (World of Warcraft)

It’s been 13 years since a World of Warcraft player by the name of Ben Schulz single handedly brought about the failure of a meticulously planned raid, by going crazy and blindly forming a charge into enemy lines

The moment has been immortalized in internet meme history, and the catchphrase “pulling a Leeroy Jenkins” has become a common occurrence. The meaning has expanded over the years from pulling crazy stunts to even everyday stuff like leaving the keyboard without telling the other players.

6. Dying is fun Memes (Dark Souls)

Everyone who has ever heard of Dark Souls has heard of how insanely difficult and frustrating the game can be.

Naturally this has given rise to a rather morbid collection of memes bemoaning the level of attrition the game throws upon you. It has more or less become a staple source of video game frustration and can prove to be quite relatable to anyone whosoever tried their own hand at the game.

It has definitely brought the community together to share in the pity party the game sends you off to the first few hours of playing it.

7. WOAH ! Memes (Crash Bandicoot)

Let us finish of this list with none other than our boy Crash Bandicoot, a popular video game character from a video game by the same name first released in 1996.

The character is perhaps best known for his involvement in a series of absolutely wacky memes making use of the “woah!” voice-line and some rather creative editing skill. The meme is downright crazy and if you’ve somehow managed to not discover it yet, do take this opportunity to treat yourself.

Conclusion: So there you have it, a few of the veritable treasure trove of quality memes the internet has to offer with regards to video games. The memes were many the list was woefully lacking in space to do justice to them all. Feel free to tell us about any memes that you think we might have missed.

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