Top 14 Best Root Apps 2018 For Rooted Android Phones


    After all the doubts and palpitations, you have finally rooted your phone. All that effort will now pay off handsomely, exactly as the various websites had promised you on the internet – after all, when has the internet ever lied to you. But your phone seems no different. You prod around in the settings and the various apps you already have installed and discover, to your horror….. that nothing has changed. Well the internet didn’t dupe you my gullible friend, it just didn’t tell you the whole story. There are tons and tons of “root apps” out there that’ll transform your android device. Today, we pick out the best root apps for your android smartphone.

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    These root apps below will change everything – about your phone. Always wanted to have a wallpaper of Justin Bieber in your Notification drawer? You can do it now. Always wanted to record calls and blackmail people? Yep, that’s possible too. Want to uninstall your system files? possible.Want to install malware or spyware on your phone? No? Well yes, that too is possible now.

    root app

    To each, his own

    The Best Root Apps

    Root App #1

    XDA labs

    XDA labs

    Secret menu of android

    XDA labs contains a collection of apps which you won’t find in the play store developed by XDA member developers. It is quite literally a lab. This app is ad free, with a material design and has innovative (and sometimes a bit unstable) app collection which would bring functionality you never knew existed in your android. Apart from that, there are also free wallpapers and Xposed modules too available through it.

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    Root App #2


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    Greenify is basically the disciplinarian of the various apps on your android device. It restricts apps from unnecessarily using memory when not required or waking phone up from its deep sleep state continuously (which it attains when the screen is off and the phone hasn’t been used for some time, it is extremely power saving.) Definitely, a must-have app if you want to save battery and put a check on rogue apps coughFacebookcough. It can work without root but with root it has more functionality available. As a matter of fact, with Xposed framework it has even more root apps or modules available to control than it normally does.

    Root App #3

    Brightness tweak[Alpha]

    root apps

    Wondering why even at lowest brightness your phone screen has the brightness of a  indecent torchlight? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reduce it further? You know its possible as some phones do have lower minimum brightness than yours. This app reduces the brightness value below the values limited by the manufacturer. It can be installed from the XDA labs.

    Root App #4


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    This one is an automation app. It can combine functionality with different of different apps to get what you want done. Want to change your brightness with time of the day? Want to message your loved ones once you get further than some specified distance away from home? Tasker can do all of this and more. Your imagination and non-root android phone prohibitions are the limits as far as the functionality of this app is concerned.  With root you gain access to finer controls of the system, the latter condition in the previous sentence becomes inapplicable and the automations possible through this app becomes mind blowingly diverse, allowing your imagination and consequently, phone to go crazy.

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    Root App #5


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    BusyBox is software that provides several stripped-down Unix tools in a single executable file…. No that doesn’t make any sense to me as well. What you need to know is that, it is an enabler for root apps on an android device to take more creative advantage of the hardware. It basically offers pre-written code which may be used by the apps requiring BusyBox.

    Root App #6


    root apps

    This is an app that, on the software level offers a level of control over phone sound quality for rooted phones that audiophiles would drool over. It has minute adjustments, which an audiophile would appreciate and overall controls, which for an average user offers an easy way to adjust sound quality according to personal preference. It requires BusyBox to function.

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    Root App #7


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    The Xposed framework (a piece of software you install in your rooted phone) is a major way to customize your Android device, compatible with pretty much all devices, letting you easily install even more root apps otherwise known as modules to tweak virtually any detail.


    • Gravity Box module offers TONS of new features for phones running android with user interface which is close to the one on Google phones to improve usability , UI …basically all aspects of phone.
    • XTouchwiz module allows for complete modification of Samsung’s UI found on their phones by adding new features and changing the look and feel of certain existing functionalities and features.
    • A more specific example would be, you can, through a module installed change the system animations. One of the modules can change the colour of your notification bar and all the elements within it. It must however, be noted that sadly Xposed framework with all its bells and whistles isn’t stable on android nougat (7.0) or higher version of android.

    Root App #8


    root apps

    Don’t like the cartoonish font with on your phone? Well then, this is just the app for you to change fonts and font attributes as per needs. It does have ads but it can easily be downloaded from playstore.

    Root App #9

    Adblock plus

    root apps

    It removes ads from the device. We bloggers don’t quite like it, but this app is useful for websites which have more content in the pop-up ads than the website itself. This one is slightly configurable so that some unobtrusive ads get through.

    Root App #10

    System AppRemover

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    It does what it says on the label. For android smartphones filled with bloatware which can’t be deleted, this app is perfect for removing such apps which can be classified as bloatware(unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer.). However, one must be careful here as deleting the wrong app would have deleterious effects on the health of your phone so be careful and do your research on XDA forums.

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    One bonus apps for readers who have stuck around till the end

    Root App #11

    Titanium backup

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    This one of the most useful apps you would use in your life. period. With this application you can uninstall bloatware (a must have for many people), freeze apps (leaves them installed but prevents them from ever running), and backup your applications and application data.

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    Know any root apps which the author missed? Comment and let us know!


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