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    Best PC Build for Gaming Under Rs. 55,000 [October 2019]

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    1080p is still the resolution of choice for the majority of gamers, and most PC builds ideal for FHD cost in the 40-60K range. We’ve covered most scenarios in that price bracket, but since this is a pretty sought after segment, we’ll be doing another 55K build today. This PC will be ideal for 1080p gaming with all the settings cranked to ultra.

    Best 1080p Gaming Build Under 60,000 INR

    Best Gaming CPU: Intel Core i5-9400F

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    Price: Rs. 11,199 (Link)

    Cores / ThreadsBase ClockBoost ClockL3 CacheTDPPCIe LanesMemory Support
    6/632.9GHz4.1GHz9MB65WPCIe 3.0 x 16Dual DDR4-2666

    Despite being one of Intel’s lower-end 9th Gen parts, the Core i5-9400F should satisfy most games as long as you’re aiming for sub-100 FPS. A high IPC paired with fast core clocks makes the Core i5-9400F the ideal CPU for any low or mid-range GPU. It’s almost certain that you’ll want to go with Ryzen 3rd Gen part here, and that’s fine, but for that that you’ll need to extend your budget, If you are fine with that, then have a look at our 60K build guide.

    Best Graphics Card: Zotac GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

    Price: Rs. 22,350 (Link)

    Memory6GB GDDR6
    Boost Clock1770MHz
    Mem. Clock12000MHz
    Bus Width192-bit
    Dimensions7 ” x 4.76 ” x 1.5 “
    Connectors1 x 8-pin
    Warranty3 Years

    The GeForce GTX 1660 Ti is one of the best graphics cards for eSports and fast-paced shooters. It should consistently deliver 100+FPS in most FPS at 1080p and 60 FPS at 1440p in the same titles. Don’t worry, the Core i5-9400F won’t bottleneck it. It is capable of rendering 100+FPS in pretty much every title, beating the Ryzen 5 2600 which costs more by the way.

    Best Motherboard for the Core i5-9400F: Gigabyte H310M S2 2.0

    Price: Rs. 4,666 (Link)

    Featuring the H310 chipset, the Gigabyte H310M is the perfect motherboard to pair with the Core i5-9400F. It comes with four SATA slots and two DDR4 RAM DIMMs supporting up to 32GB 2666MHz memory as well as a PCIe 3.0 expansion slot, satisfying all the needs of this build.

    Best RAM for the Core i3-9100F: Adata Premier 4GBx2 DDR4 2400MHz

    Price: Rs. 2998 (Link)

    Considering that both the 9400F as well as the motherboard top out at 2666, there’s no point in going with a faster kit. A pair of ADATA’s entry-level 2400MHz DIMMs priced at just 1,499 INR per stick will do just fine. You can overclock it easily to 2666MHz to extract a few more frames without paying a single additional buck.

    Storage Recommendation

    Power-supply: Deepcool Aurora DA500

    Price: Rs. 3,359 (Link)

    The Deepcool DA500 is a Bronze certified power supply that will power this PC quite easily. You can go with a cheaper 3K part too, but since spending just 500 bucks more gets you a much more reliable SMPS, then why not. This isn’t a modular PSU and don’t ask why. It does, however, come with three years of manufacturer warranty.

    Cabinet: Antec Dark Phantom DP501

    Price: Rs. 4,650 (Link)

    The Antec Dark Phantom DP501 is a beautiful case featuring RGB lighting and a tempered side panel. The price tag of 4.6K is all too enticing to avoid this mid-tower case.

    Summary: Best Gaming PC Build Under 60,000 INR

    To sum up, our choice of components for the best PC build under 60,000 INR is as follows:

    CPUIntel Core i5-9400FRs. 11,199
    Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 TiRs. 22,350
    MotherboardGigabyte H310M S2 2.0Rs. 4,666
    MemoryADATA Premier 4GBx2Rs. 2,998
    SSDAdata Ultimate SU630 240GBRs. 2,299
    HDDSeagate Barracuda 1TBRs. 2,900
    Power SupplyDeepcool Aurora DA500Rs. 3,359
    CaseAntec Dark Phantom DP501Rs. 4,500
    TotalBest PC Build Under 60,000Rs. 54,271

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      • You’ll need faster memory, the 3500 is slightly more expensive (1K) and the accompanying motherboard will also be a tad pricier

    1. You could use a cheaper case like the atec nx200 and use a 120gb ssd for windows and use that money on a colourful rtx 2060 instead of a 1660 ti

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