Best Payment Apps in India

    Top Payment Apps to Use in India for 2020

    As COVID-19 tightens its grip over the entire world, it’s becoming harder and harder to predict when this all will end. But the show must go on. It is essential to continue with our daily routines as nothing is out of the ordinary. 

    One of the most useful things that people have found during lockdown in India is internet shopping. Granted, that existed long before lockdown, but today, in most parts of the world, it is necessary. As the only way to shop needs to be digital, we need to find reliable online payment methods to use. 

    Below you will find the best payment apps that you can use for digital purchases on your favourite sites. 


    PayTM is currently the most used option for digital payments in India. It is a mobile UPI wallet that functions much like any other e-wallet. However, thanks to its popularity and widespread use, you can use PayTM for virtually any type of shopping. 

    The benefits of PayTM are manifold – you can pay bills, order groceries and clothes, or even use it for gaming. In fact, one of the most common uses for PayTM in India is precisely online gaming. For instance, the majority of Indian online gaming sites have it on their lists of most convenient banking options for digital gambling. 

    The app versatility allows the users to manage their funds and pay for virtually any utility bill in India. Moreover, PayTM works both as a money recharge or bill payment option that you can use both in prepaid and postpaid mode. 

    Google Pay

    Mobile phones are one of the primary sources of information and entertainment for Indians. Hence, it is not a surprise that tech giants in the finance department are looking for ways to cash in on the opportunity.

    Google developed Google Pay for in-app and tap-to-pay purchases. Thanks to Google Pay, users in India have an effortless way to purchase items without hassle straight from their portable devices like mobile phones. 

    Moreover, there are no limitations to the breadth of use. Users claim that this e-wallet is one of the easiest ways to pay for groceries, bills, and mobile payments. 

    Plus, Google Play relates to over 50 banks in India, which makes it even easier to manage funds and transactions. Those who enjoy bonuses and exclusive deals can enjoy a range of scratch cards as loyalty rewards.


    BHIM is a project that is funded and operated by the government of India. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) developed the concept and plan that the government accepted. The core idea of BHIM was that the service would encompass all digital payments in India. 

    Therefore, it is quite easy to use BHIM, and it gives customers a range of advantages. BHIM customers transfer money via UPI (Unified Payment Interface) that the NPCI developed. 

    All transactions typically go through either the BHIM app or via UPI ID codes. It is easy to transfer cash to anyone, even if the person doesn’t have a BHIM account. 

    Despite having support from the government and astonishing benefits for use, BHIM is not without downsides. One of the most significant disadvantages that turn users away from BHIM is transfer limit. Both the number of transactions and amounts of money are limited per day. Nevertheless, BHIM remains one of the most popular payment options in India. 

    Amazon Pay

    Amazon Pay is another UPI-supported digital payment method. BHIM and Axis Bank Limited are behind Amazon’s payment option project. 

    Naturally, a great side of using Amazon Pay is that the users can use it to fund their Amazon accounts. Besides, Amazon Pay UPI payments are available for utilities and shopping. Three years after it obtained a license for work, the e-wallet lets customers order food delivery, pay bills, and buy event tickets. 


    More than 100 million customers have performed 5 billion transactions using PhonePe in the last three years. Such success comes from the fact that PhonePe, a popular UPI (Unified Payment Interface), allows payment repetition and instant transfers.

    Thanks to payment repetition, the users can use previous payment info by locating it in user history. Other benefits include cashback and interface that supports nearly a dozen Indian languages.  

    Before users register with PhonePe, it is advisable first to check which sites and stores have contracts with PhonePe. Although, there probably won’t be problems, as the company has over 5 million partners that work both online and offline.


    1. Great to see India have so many ewallet apps, Pakistan is now also working on it, some big apps in Pakistan are Easypaisa, Jazzcash and Kuickpay. Have a nice day!

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